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Can a single Trademark Application in the GCC protect my trademark in all Six countries?

There is no GCC trademark filing system, A separate Trademark Application must be filed for each country in the GCC.

A single legalized Power of Attorney will suffice to file Trademarks in the Gulf Countries?

A single legalized PoA will suffice to file Trademark applications in the Gulf Countries. However, we recommend to execute separate PoA’s for each gulf countries. As a single PoA process will require additional costs and may not be accepted in Courts of some gulf jurisdictions.

I would like to protect my Trademark in the Gulf regions, what should I do first?

We would recommend you to file in Saudi Arabia in the first. As the examination period of trademark is fast and can obtain your registration certificate within a maximum period of 3 months.

When is an invention new?

An invention is new if it is not anticipated by prior art. In this respect, prior art means all that is disclosed to the public anywhere by means of written or oral disclosure, by use or by any other way through which knowledge of the invention is realized.

When does, an invention involve an inventive step?

An invention involves inventive step if, with regard to prior art related to the patent application, it is not obvious to a person with ordinary skills in the art.

May the applicant benefit from the priority of an earlier application?

The applicant may benefit from the priority given to a previous application filed during the priority period.

What is the term of protection for patents?

The patent protection period is twenty years from the date of filing the application.

Can a patent application be filed without its complete documents?

Yes, i.e., with the English and Arabic texts of the specifications and claims and drawings (if any). The other documents must be submitted within the stipulated time limit (vary in each jurisdictions) from the date of filing the application.

What are the conditions that might lead to a compulsory license for patent?

If the patent is not being fully exploited by the patentee within three years from the date of grant, the Patent Office may grant a compulsory license to any person, provided that this latter proves his capability to exploit the invention fully.