Saudi Arabia – Saudi Public Prosecution approves establishment of IP body,Qatar: Establishing a Grievance Committee for Patent Appeals Strengthens Patent Law ,Saudi Arabia : SAIP adopts new trademark registration guidelines for ‘Saudi Arabia’ and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Saudi Arabia: Adopting 12th Edition ver. 2023 nice classification, UAE: Revised Fees Provided by the Ministry of Economy

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The Banking and finance team at Al-ajaleen has an unparalleled grasp of the Middle East and North Africa’s legal environment.

The largest and most complicated banking and financial cases can be handled by Al-ajaleen since they have a broad and knowledgeable team of multilingual lawyers working on the ground throughout MENA.  

Our clients pick us because they require knowledgeable legal counsel from attorneys who understand their respective markets and how to compete most successfully in them. Our clients profit from the established connections we have made over many years with local financial authorities, ministries, and regulators. We have occasionally even contributed to the drafting of the laws that control the financial markets in which we do business.

We provide advisory services to corporations, government agencies, and regulators in addition to global, domestic, and local banks. Our practice and areas of specialization change as our clients’ demands do.

We can also offer legal opinions and assistance in English law because we have English law capabilities.

Assisting customers in capturing chances

You don’t have to deal with different consultants when working with Al-ajaleen. Serving financial institutions, regulators, corporate borrowers, and other clients in a variety of capacities, including corporate lending, project financing, Islamic finance, bankruptcy and restructuring, and FinTech, we are a full-service banking and finance practice.

Among our full-service financial and banking offerings are:

  •  Financing assets
  •       Lending to corporations and real estate
  •       Capital markets for debt
  •       Regulation of financial services
  •       FinTech and digital resources
  •       Restructuring finances
  •       Money and asset administration
  •       Islamic banking
  •       Finance for trade and commodities
  •       Project funding
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