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Al-ajaleen is the only legal company in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) that can seamlessly offer capital markets and securities law assistance across ten nations. We are the region’s premier capital markets practice.

It should come as no surprise that we have been involved in the great majority of capital markets transactions in the United Arab Emirates and worldwide, given our size and experience in fielding highly qualified multilingual teams. 

The team of advisers participating in any capital markets transaction needs to get along, and we have proven ourselves on some of the largest deals in the area time and time again. 

Excellent relationship-building to close the sale

Our close ties to the financial services authorities, stock exchanges, key government ministries, and other financial services institutions that comprise the capital markets architecture are of great benefit to our clients. 

These connections, which we’ve established over many years of transactions and are based on trust and consistent deal-making, help us to complete our clients’ transactions quickly. We have the contacts necessary to improve contract execution on our client’s behalf.

With more than 40 capital markets specialists operating in ten jurisdictions, we are the largest MENA capital markets team. We provide our clients with the legal, regulatory, and commercial expertise they need to complete their deals.

We can offer guidance on local, national, and international transactions because our multilingual staff comprises civil law and common law solicitors. Our ability to provide services in Arabic is critical because we can draught and advise in that language.

We provide a broad range of services to both local and foreign clients, advising big businesses, government agencies, start-ups, green field projects, financial institutions, and underwriters. When other legal firms need our local knowledge, they come to us first. 

We have also provided advice on numerous international capital markets deals involving the Middle East and North Africa. The common thread that unites our relationships with each of our clients is our constant pursuit of value addition and risk mitigation.

Our comprehensive capital markets offering consists of

  •       IPOs in particular, as well as secondary and primary equity offerings
  •       Debt instruments
  •       Privatisations through Sukuk
  •       Venture capital Government-mandated divestitures
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