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Corporate Structuring

Organizing your company’s operations might be challenging. As one of the few law firms in the Gulf with a focused Corporate Structuring practice, Al-Ajaleen can assist in this situation.

Expert guidance on company restructuring

Our team’s strength stems not only from our comprehensive understanding of pertinent laws and regulations in each jurisdiction in which we operate but also from our familiarity with local regulatory practices gained from our vast practical experience and our collaborations with Ministries and regulatory bodies across the Gulf countries.

We provide advice on a broad range of corporate restructuring and structuring-related projects. Regardless of how complicated and difficult our clients’ objectives may be, we specialize in the creation and execution of unique, legally acceptable corporate structures.

Our corporate reorganization offerings

  • The process of forming a company involves creating limited liability firms, free zone entities, and branch and representative offices of overseas corporations.
  • To attain optimal management and operational efficiency, a group reorganization that involves restructuring and deregistration of current companies is necessary.
  • Giving group reorganization advice in the context of an acquisition or private placement.
  • Provide guidance on the best company structure to carry out business operations at all phases.
  • Providing guidance on international transaction and acquisition frameworks.
  • Draught, evaluated, and provided advice on nominee and shareholder agreements, as well as any other pertinent contracts or agreements, as needed.
  • Providing legal and regulatory advice to corporations, including compliance and regulatory strategy.
  • Advising government authorities on regulatory matters related to the creation of free zones and creating implementing regulations that would give the laws governing the establishment and management of corporate entities in these free zones.
  • Providing guidance to government authorities regarding the establishment of state-owned special purpose vehicles and other regulatory measures aimed at luring foreign direct investment and promoting company incubation. 
  • Offering counsel on all company licensing matters, including potential discrepancies between licensed and intended or actual commercial activity, and offering pragmatic and legal means of bringing the two into harmony.
  • Authorized to function as a Company Service Provider or Registered Agent for corporate entities in designated free zones with the intention of serving as an incorporation agent, offering company services, serving as a registered office supplier, 
  • Implementing modifications to the articles of organization and memorandum in order to effect changes to the ownership structure, share transfers between groups, and share transfers in general.
  • Offering guidance on business issues related to government tenders, particularly the best company structure to fulfill tender requirements.
  • Conducting corporate regulatory due diligence in relation to acquisition sales and general in-house cleaning to provide guidance and guarantee corporate compliance.
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