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Defence and Security

For several years, Saudi Arabia’s defense industry has been quite active. Given the state of the world today, defense spending is probably going to stay high in many countries.

With the advantage of our in-depth knowledge of the legal and business environment of the region and its jurisdictions, our specialized defense and security team, which has offices throughout the Gulf region, provides clients with the kind of service and expertise they expect from an international law firm.

Our defense and security team comprises attorneys who have experience working in the defense procurement departments of national governments, giving us a thorough understanding of the industry.

We collaborate with governments and defense contractors in the Gulf, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

We assemble teams to assist our clients with anything from digital and cyber safety to legislative and contract negotiations by utilizing the collective expertise of Al-Ajaleen’s network.

Commercially Astute Guidance

We assist clients in understanding the complexities and the ideal locations to set up to achieve their goals because of our extensive experience with the regulatory environment in this area. Based on what our customers want to accomplish, many jurisdictions have a choice of options, including free zones, that may be advantageous.

For defense contractors to feel confident about their capabilities and recognize any barriers to their objectives, we assist them in understanding counterparty needs and local legislation when it comes to contract negotiations.

While collaborating with clients’ foreign counsel is enjoyable as well, we also enjoy working directly with clients.  For many of the biggest legal companies in the world with offices in Saudi Arabia, we are to be their preferred local partner firm.

Our Military Offerings

  • Contract discussions and evaluations
  • Examining bids and offering guidance on procurement regulations
  • Guidance on customs and standards in the local market
  • Interaction with governmental entities
  • Distribution and business agency regulations
  • Advice on employment law
  • Advice on foreign investment rules and which jurisdiction to choose when starting a business in the Gulf region
  • Guidance on the effects of municipal taxes
  • Cyberspace, data, and digital security
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