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Energy and Resources

Al-Ajaleen considers energy and resources to be a key issue of regional practice. In the Gulf, we have provided advice on some of the biggest energy-related deals and conflicts.

The Gulf has enthusiastically embraced the energy transition, driving a wave of investment and regulatory changes in the energy sector and reconsidering the layout, construction, and management of the region’s cities, incorporating sustainable development objectives into their plans and national planning procedures. 

During this shift, GCC governments are setting the standard for the development, deployment, and future low-carbon energy, while conventional oil and gas will remain important for many years as the Gulf moves towards greener energy sources.

Our Energy and Resources team is the backbone of the GCC’s economies, providing mandate-related advice on traditional oil and gas, mining, electricity, renewable energy, and energy transition to some of the biggest state-owned and multinational energy corporations in the world. 

Our pan-regional expertise and experience handling some of the biggest and most complex energy and resource transactions enable us to provide advice throughout a project’s entire lifecycle and spearhead the application of creative legal approaches that have become the standard in the industry.

Our team covers the entirety of Al-Ajaleen’s Gulf office network and represents state-owned and independent companies in the energy, mining, petrochemical, oil, and gas, and power industries on acquisitions of energy companies and assets, development of oil and gas, LNG, hydrogen, mining and electricity projects, privatizations, and other related areas.

Gas and Oil

Our experts have provided advice on several intricate legal cases involving sensitive information related to the LNG, oil, and gas value chain. We have advised on a variety of projects ranging from financing and refinancing to licensing and giving instruments, joint ventures and farm-ins, oil and gas service contracts, agreements about rigs and drilling, royalty agreements, transportation, and shipping, processing and operating agreements, lifting agreements, sales contracts and decommissioning-related arrangements. 

Working Mines

We’ve provided project-related advice on a variety of minerals in the past, including metals, coal, oil shale, gemstones, dimension stone, chalk, limestone, rock salt, potash, gravel, and clay. We participate in mining projects at every level of the process, starting with exploration and continuing to the end. 

Our expertise in interpreting mining-related laws and the legal and commercial challenges that the Gulf mining industry faces allows us to offer mining companies and host governments unmatched support.

Energy and Renewable Resources

Our comprehensive service includes regulatory consulting, planning, licensing, building, procurement, power agreements for purchasing project facilities, financing, and leasing of power and renewable energy projects, among other pertinent aspects. 

We specialize in hydropower, wind power, and solar power projects and have experience with a wide range of energy from renewable sources, including renewable energy, geothermal energy, storage, and waste-to-energy.

Facilities and Initiatives

Our Projects practice provides comprehensive project advice to a wide range of government, international, and regional developers, and financial clients. Our advice has covered innovative solar projects, waste-to-energy initiatives, nuclear power plants, water and power projects, port privatizations, and infrastructure ventures.  

With our extensive resource base, we can offer advice on every facet of a venture, from the initial proposal to project organizing, transaction fulfillment, and day-to-day operations. Our in-depth knowledge of both national and international law enables us to assist customers in completing a project successfully.

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