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Family Business

Business dealings with relatives can be challenging. We are the ones who comprehend that the best. Because of this, our family business consulting practice is the most successful in the Gulf. In addition to creating legal frameworks and enforceable contracts that safeguard family assets from outside and internal threats, we also draught and document contracts that enable smooth succession and responsible management for families operating businesses.

We as a team can:

  • Set up investments and enterprises to minimize and control legal risks and exposures
  • Construct custom frameworks to protect families from business interruptions during transitions. 
  • Establish trust deeds and family agreements that enable orderly and transparent transfers to future management.
  • Establish mechanisms for settling conflicts and disagreements without compromising the integrity of family relationships. 
  • Clearly define the succession and stewardship processes under both common law and Sharia law.
  • Create wills for non-Muslims that fall under the Dubai International Financial Center’s jurisdiction. 
  • You should also create wills for foreign nationals that are enforceable under local legal frameworks.
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