Saudi Arabia – Saudi Public Prosecution approves establishment of IP body,Qatar: Establishing a Grievance Committee for Patent Appeals Strengthens Patent Law ,Saudi Arabia : SAIP adopts new trademark registration guidelines for ‘Saudi Arabia’ and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Saudi Arabia: Adopting 12th Edition ver. 2023 nice classification, UAE: Revised Fees Provided by the Ministry of Economy

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Financial Services

Our services include helping clients with high-profile laws and regulations, international launches of products, corporate and commercial agreements, credit, banking, and payments markets; advising on local and multijurisdictional regulation; product development and distribution; documentation; and starting lending and banking businesses.

Our attorneys serve a wide range of clients in the Gulf area, including asset managers, institutional investors, capital markets and their players, investment banks, national regulators, private banking institutions, private equity firms, and retail banks. They also regularly help these clients with legal matters.

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