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Private Notary

When the regulations were altered to permit law firms to provide private notary services, Al-ajaleen was one of the first in the United Arab Emirates to do so. In Saudi Arabia, we provide private notarial services. 

We make sure to finish everything on time out of respect for our clients’ time. There are no unforeseen delays or surprises because of our meticulous attention to detail.

We also aim to provide value for our clients by directing them to additional resources, such as the Embassy or another team in Al-Ajaleen. We offer our notary services in person as well as remotely. 

We notarize the documents listed below:

  • Power of Attorney in General.
  • Particular Power of Attorney (about litigation, collecting debts, monitoring transactions, automobiles, business licenses, shares, and signature endorsements).
  • Declarations (monthly income, travel certificate with no objections, acknowledgment of title deed, receipts, waivers).
  • Contracts for mortgages (commercial real estate, mobile assets).
  • Contracts for the sale and purchase of shares and yachts.
  • Contracts for Private Employment.
  • Service Agent Agreements and supporting documentation.
  • Memoranda of understanding, undertakings, joint venture agreements, and settlement and reconciliation agreements.
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