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Real Estate and Construction

We founded the first real estate practice in the area, which has grown to become Saudi Arabia’s largest and most varied real estate and construction industry team today. You can get access to our team’s extensive knowledge in a range of real estate-related topics, such as development agreements, financing for real estate, buying and selling real estate, property disputes, and arbitration. 

From the start of a project until its conclusion, you can get assistance with construction law, including guidance on contract review, dispute resolution, and procurement procedures.

Our solid reputation in this field has grown as a result of our ability to effectively represent both domestic and foreign customers, combined with our extensive understanding of local law. 

International corporations, financial organizations, real estate developers, building and engineering firms, and state-owned and government enterprises are some of our clientele. Our ability to comprehend the business realities of our clients and collaborate closely with them to create winning strategies for every transaction is a critical component of our success. 

Lawyers with a background in both common and civil law work in our Real Estate and Construction areas, and we maintain close working contacts with local government bodies.

Being a premier full-service legal practice, we guarantee that you have access to our whole range of legal services since we are dedicated to your success. You will get a valuable strategic partner who gives you access to seasoned experts with in-depth knowledge of the area and experience in a certain industry. 

Our staff has experience in handling some of the biggest and most intricate real estate transactions for the public as well as the private sectors in recent years. We are best known for our ability to provide results that are difficult to obtain and for our commercial acumen. 

This implies that no matter how difficult or complex your goal may be, we will support you and work with your specifications to deliver solutions.

Our sector offering, with a committed staff providing advice on all asset types, consists of:

  • Asset administration
  • Commercial tenants
  • Advancement
  • contracts for construction
  • residing
  • Investing and financing
  • Arranging
  • Finance for real estate
  • Centres for Data
  • Real estate dispute
  • Corporate taxation and real estate
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