Saudi Arabia – Saudi Public Prosecution approves establishment of IP body,Qatar: Establishing a Grievance Committee for Patent Appeals Strengthens Patent Law ,Saudi Arabia : SAIP adopts new trademark registration guidelines for ‘Saudi Arabia’ and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Saudi Arabia: Adopting 12th Edition ver. 2023 nice classification, UAE: Revised Fees Provided by the Ministry of Economy

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The GCC region’s regulatory environment is always changing. Al-ajaleen’s regulatory team has an exceptional team of multilingual lawyers working on the ground, and they are unmatched in their ability to assist clients in managing risk and achieving favorable business outcomes.

Specialists in managing legal risks

Due to a changing regulatory environment, legal risk management with proactive control measures is becoming more and more important.

The next steps in our process are risk analysis, risk assessment, risk management, and lastly, risk avoidance.

Our solicitors have great ties with regulators and are frequently asked to create or change laws. As a result, we are in a perfect position to offer legal advice as well as legal interpretation and the strategies used by regulators to ensure compliance at the local and federal levels.

Assisting clients in achieving successful business results

Our strategy has many advantages for our clients, including avoiding potential operating license suspension and withdrawals and saving them money on business expenses. Our clients benefit from the increased commercial reputation and the safeguarding of their intellectual property by attaining strong regulatory compliance and benchmarking. 

We assist clients in avoiding regulatory investigations, court appearances, and related fines and legal fees due to our thorough comprehension of regulatory matters and our stellar connections with regulators in the 10 jurisdictions in which we do business. We also assist clients in avoiding personal accountability for breaking criminal laws, which can land managers and directors in jail.

Among our regulatory services are

  • Foundations and Charities
  • Rivalries
  • Standards, product conformance, and consumer protection
  • Advice on corporate and commercial regulations
  • Personalised
  • Reporting on due diligence
  • Risk management, compliance, and environmental governance
  • Safety and health
  • Export/import regulations
  • updates and registries for lawyers
  • Laws and policies
  • Applications for licenses and permits
  • Compliance with operational regulations
  • Purchasing
  • Examining regulations and handling emergencies
  • Regulation of utility
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