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Sustainable Business

With the urgency of the climate catastrophe and the consequences of the global financial crisis, the influence of business on the environment and society is being examined more than before. Investors are calling for increased corporate transparency as regulations become more stringent.

These difficulties also present opportunities. As businesses work towards a lucrative and sustainable future, new markets and revenue sources will open up.

For many organizations, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues are of utmost importance. We have assembled the top teams with a regional and global perspective since we understand how vulnerable many boards feel in this regard and want to help.

ESG is at the top of the business community’s attention and is quickly emerging as a crucial business pillar. According to our 2022 research, Legal Leaders in Gulf Region, 80 percent of legal decision-makers anticipate that ESG concerns will become increasingly essential to their work, and 94 percent of legal decision-makers examine ESG risk and compliance in their function on an occasional or regular basis. 

Using this data, we have established an ESG advisory team that works closely with clients to determine the primary ESG risks related to their business exposure and to create plans of action to mitigate those risks. 

Throughout the region, our personnel have cultivated partnerships with both national and regional authorities. We are among the first to be informed when something changes.

Our experts possess the knowledge and experience to assist clients in reducing risks and taking advantage of the opportunities these problems bring. We assist customers in integrating ESG into their strategy and implementing it in their operations across a range of industries, including capital markets, real estate, energy and utilities, and education. 

Leading solicitors from around the world collaborate on this project to create contract terms and legal models that are climate-aligned.

Four major client concerns serve as the foundation for our sustainability services.

 Our services are centered on the main issues that our clients face, which we have discovered via listening to their changing needs and comprehending the local ESG environment. 

This includes helping them transition to low-carbon operations and accelerate the decarbonization process, supporting corporate governance structures that are focused on sustainability, and even improving supply chain management across industries by implementing strong supply contracts that manage social and environmental risks. 

Our ESG consulting team makes sure that these and other ESG-related risks are recognized and that plans of action are created to mitigate them.

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