Saudi Arabia – Saudi Public Prosecution approves establishment of IP body,Qatar: Establishing a Grievance Committee for Patent Appeals Strengthens Patent Law ,Saudi Arabia : SAIP adopts new trademark registration guidelines for ‘Saudi Arabia’ and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Saudi Arabia: Adopting 12th Edition ver. 2023 nice classification, UAE: Revised Fees Provided by the Ministry of Economy

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Al-Ajaleen is our top tax law firm in GCC Countries. We assist clients in navigating the challenges and obtaining answers. Naturally, Al-ajaleen handles the biggest and most complicated tax cases since it has more specialized tax lawyers than any other regional business, is present in ten jurisdictions, and can provide advice on all tax-related topics.

Superior knowledge of taxes

We provide the entire range of tax work services to multinational companies operating throughout the Gulf area. We offer domestic tax support and guidance on the tax ramifications of business expansion into other regions to our region’s enterprises.

We also offer guidance on all taxes in the Gulf region and offer legal counsel and support. In addition to helping governments create and draft tax policies, we operate in all industry sectors.

We have a thorough understanding of the law and can provide clear, helpful guidance because of our close working relationships with government and tax authorities. We have accountants, economists, and lawyers In our multicultural, multilingual workforce.

Our tax assistance

  • Due diligence, tax structuring, and SPA help in M&A
  • Corporate tax VAT Zakat
  • Refund withholding
  • International organization of taxes
  • Taxes on customs
  • Pricing transfers
  • Legal Action
  • Support for governments in the creation and formulation of tax laws
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