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Transport and Logistics

Al-Ajaleen is the largest specialized team in the Gulf Region. We provide advice on the most intricate, multi-jurisdictional transactions and disputes due to the breadth of our team’s experience and our rights of audience before courts throughout the Gulf area.

 We provide a comprehensive variety of legal services to the maritime and aviation sectors, catering to the needs of banks, airlines, owners, charterers, shipyards, agencies, maintenance companies, and insurance. We also advise governments in the Gulf area on laws and rules about logistics, aviation, and shipping. 

Practical, business-oriented solutions to ensure client success 

We are the company that our clients prefer because we can meet all of their needs. We provide our shipping, aviation, and logistics clients with sound commercial advice on everything from claims and defenses to business transactions.

Our knowledgeable shipping and aviation attorneys practice in ten Gulf region jurisdictions and have in-depth knowledge of the industry. Our expertise in both international and local laws, along with our in-depth knowledge of the industry, ensures that our advice is practical, effective, and commercial. 

In the event of a dispute, we offer practical, individualized counsel intending to effectively resolve the issue and avert other disputes. When necessary, we can provide our clients with strong litigation strategies or other alternatives to resolve disputes. 

Expert guidance from professionals in the field 

As an authorized user entity with the International Registry of Mobile Assets, Al-Ajaleen can register aircraft, engines, and related assets on behalf of clients by the Cape Town Convention.

Our expanding staff of more than thirty solicitors includes professionals recognized by respected legal directories Chambers & professionals and Legal 500 as leaders in their respective fields. 

Our expertise in logistics, shipping, and aviation

Our services encompass the entire spectrum of legal concerns that clients in this industry may face and consist of: 

  • A dispute settlement
  • General counsel and writing for corporations
  • Logistics of shipping
  • Construction of vessels Mortgage and finance for vessels and assets
  • Logistics and customs
  • Trade internationally
  • Accidents, pollution, and salvage
  • Finance for assets/Aircraft 
  • Aircraft purchase or lease

Our expert customs and international trade services

Our services encompass the entire spectrum of legal matters that clients within this practice may come across and comprise: 

  •  Discussions about commerce in goods and services.
  •  Consultation regarding earlier disclosures to the police.
  •  Consultation regarding the origin nation and the classification of goods.
  •  Discussion of concerns regarding free zone warehouses.
  •  Advising on audits and inspections by customs
  •  Giving customs compliance advice
  •  Guiding infractions of customs compliance
  •  Providing anti-dumping advice
  •  Defending clients in court against offenders involved in smuggling and customs audits.
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