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! “Patent Pending”! Don’t hustle!


If are you an inventor and have not received your patent certificate yet, then embrace the “patent pending” status as your ultimate shield! 
This will help you in the following manner:-

Warning to Competitors: Let them know you mean business! “Patent pending” signals you’re serious about protecting your innovation, deterring copycats in their tracks.

  Marvel: Stand out from the crowd! Flaunt your “patent pending” status to customers, showcasing the uniqueness and value of your creation.

Licensing Goldmine: Open doors to lucrative partnerships! Companies see potential in your pending patent, paving the way for future licensing agreements and royalties.

Investment Magnet: Attract backers with ease! Investors gravitate towards inventions with “patent pending” status, recognizing the value and potential returns.

Seize the opportunity to leverage “patent pending” to your advantage. But remember, honesty is key – only use it when your application is pending. Let’s protect your innovation with LAWIANS LLP and propel it to success! 
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