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 Strive for Significant Improvements in Inventions that are known as non-obvious nature


When inventing, it’s crucial to go beyond minor tweaks and aim for groundbreaking changes. Take the humble wrench, for example. Simply adding more grooves won’t cut it; it’s about revolutionizing its function. Imagine an adjustable wrench that automatically adapts to different nuts and bolts—a game-changer requiring new internal mechanisms.

To secure a patent, your invention must be both significant and non-obvious to experts in the field. Avoid tweaks that seem like common sense to industry professionals. Instead, aim for innovations that make jaws drop.

Remember, patent examiners evaluate novelty based on industry expertise, not random opinions. So, ensure your invention stands out within its domain.

Partnering with a patent expert LAWIANS LLP can bolster your case for why your invention is truly groundbreaking. Let’s make inventions that shake industries!
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